Beaver Point Resort is located on 11 beautiful acres surrounded by pristine Tchesinkut Lake,  all cabins, cottages and campsites are located along the lakeshore and boast spectacular lake and wilderness views.  Beaver Point has been owner operated for over 35 years and is continually evolving to ensure its customers enjoy their stay.

Your hosts Jake and Brenda Hiebert have owned and operated Beaver Point Resort for over 35 years. Although they have loved every minute of it, they too are looking forward to slowing down and getting the opportunity to do some relaxing of their own.

Jake is an avid fisherman and enjoys the adventure of ocean fishing on B.C’s Northern Coast, along with the occasional adventure to more tropical fishing destinations.

A social butterfly and active community member Brenda is always on the go. With the addition of 2 new granddaughters in the last 5 years, it seems that Brenda will be even busier in the years to come.

Many of our fantastic guests come to Beaver Point Resort to enjoy their retirement, here guests can fish, relax and spend time visiting friends and family. Your hosts are looking forward to reacquainting themselves with longtime guests and meeting new customers.